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The hair studio is utterly professional in all respects...Your appointment is always on time...the staff are polite, friendly and never familiar.
Harry Boocock observes his staff and all clients at all times to ensure a most professional and efficient service.
The staff very obviously take a great deal of pride in the product they are delivering.
Observation of hygiene is clear.
It is a 100% exceptionally run establishment.

Barbara Tyler

I'm usually sceptical about hair treatments but when Chris recommended I try kerasilk, I took the plunge!... I am now a kerasilk convert! After just one treatment, my thick, coarse, normally disobedient hair was soft, smooth and manageable with a 'just straightened' look that lasted even after washing. Kerasilk is now definitely a vital part of my visit to the hair studio (amen, hallelujah)!

Nicola Martin

I Have been coming to the hair studio for more years than I care to remember, and I would simply not want to go anywhere else.
Harry and his team make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.
They are all very talented and utterly professional, none more so than my own stylist Susan.

I would recommend the hair studio to everyone and give it a 10/10 rating

Elaine Biggs